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The eyes are a very important of our body. Neti & Trataka are very useful for improving eyesight. Daily practice of these Kriyas is a must. These two Kriyas are mentioned in detail in chapter of yogic purification practices.


Besides yogosanas, there are certain exercises for the eyes which keep the eyes healthy and save them from many diseases. By toning up the connecting muscles and nerves of the eyes, they even improve the eyesight. Some of these simple exercises are explained here, which can be performed after doing yogasanas. Sit in Padmasana, Suhkasana or siddhasana, keeping your head, neck and spine straight, and perform the following exercises:

  1. Vertical Movement: First look upward towards the middle of your forehead and then on the tip of your nose without moving your head. Only the pupils of your eyes should have upward and downward movement. Do it quickly for 24 times and then close your eyes gently for five seconds to provide rest.
  2. Horizontal Movement: spread your hands sideways. Close your fists and raise your thumbs. Now first look towards your right thumb, without moving your neck, then towards left thumb. Repeat this exercise 24 times and then close your eyes gently for five seconds.
  3. Diagonal Movement: First look above the corner of the right eye and then towards the ground near left knee. Do this 12 times. Similarly, look above the corner of your left eye then bring attention on the ground near your right knee. Repeat this also 12 times. After this, close your eyes gently for 5 seconds and give the eyes the rest they need.
  4. Rectangular Movement: Make an imaginary rectangle before your eyes. Make it as big you can. Then move your eyes on the four corners of the rectangle from left to right 12 times, from right to left also 12 times. Close the eyes gently after this for about five seconds.
  5. Circular Movement: Make an imaginary circle from the earth to the sky and move your eyeballs first clockwise for 12 times and then anti-clockwise 12 times. Give rest to the eyes.
  6. Forward-Backward Movement : stretch you right hand forward. Raise your thumb, closing the fist with the fingers. Fix your gaze at a point beyond your thumb and slowly bring it closer and fix it ultimately on the thumb. Do that for at least 10 times. Now gradually start bringing the thumb closer to the eyes and repeat the process of looking beyond the thumb and at the thumb. Go on doing it until the thumb comes very close the eyes gently and give rest. This exercise improves the eyesight.

At the end of these exercises close your eyes gently. Now rub your palms with each other and place them on your eyes. Do it three times. Open your eyes and look at a green plant or grass.

Note: All the above exercises can be done in a standing posture. Regular practice of the above exercises removes tension and exhaustion. They lend luster and brightness to the eyes and as a result the eyes become healthy and beautiful. These exercises are to be done after doing Asanas.